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SAN JUAN RIVER : July 20 - 24, 2009

SJRThe San Juan River in Southeastern Utah is one of the main river tributaries in the Southwest. Hopi recognize many of the ancient sites along the river as ancestral stopping points of several clans during their migrations. Participants will spend 4 days floating on calm stretches of the river through magnificent canyons and going on rewarding hikes. While on the trip the youth will interact with elders and experience Hopi history and culture through the theme of food. Other topics such as Hopi language, sustainability, and ethnobotany were also be explored. Students will need to attend a pretrip meeting, post trip workshop day, service learning project, and weekend workshops throughout the school year focused on developing a "Digital Hopi Youth Guide" to the San Juan River.


Mesa Verde National Park: June 9-12, 2009


The Colorado Preserve America Youth Summit is being held June 9-12, 2009. Through hands-on, action-oriented field study, students will experience how archaeology contributes to society’s understanding of diverse cultures and critical environmental issues and assist in the development of creative techniques to better connect citizens and travelers with historic places while learning lessons to be applied in their own communities. The Footprints of the Ancestors program will join this group traveling to Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, archaeological sites in the Canyon of the Ancients heritage park, and Mesa Verde National Park. The Footprints youth will share their Digital Hopi Youth Guide to Mesa Verde film on Thursday June 11, 2009.

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WASHINGTON DC : June 15 - 19, 2009


We are accepting youth interest forms for participating in the Washington, DC venue. There we will work with the National Museum of the American Indian to learn how to develop museum exhibits. We will also visit Hopi representation and artifacts at other Smithsonian museums. Only students who have previously participated in Footprints of the Ancestors venues are eligible to attend. Because we will be making air travel and lodging arrangements ALL participants must have applications completed by Monday, May 11, 2009


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