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NAU Students at their Graduation Ceremony

All students and alumni are welcome to use Gateway Student Success Center web information and the Gateway resource center for academic and career information.  The Gateway is not a career placement center; however, in alignment with our vision and mission, we strive to help all our alumni to develop skills for a successful, self directed job search.

As an NAU alumni you are offered many of the same career and graduate school prep services that are offered to currently enrolled students.  Please feel free to use the resources available in the Students area of our site.

For up to one year after a student graduates from NAU, the Gateway Student Success Center will provide individual career advising appointments at no charge.

Jobs for Jacks, our online recruiting system, is also available at no charge to all alumni

After one year, Gateway will continue to provide career advising with a fee of  $100.00 for up to three sessions (phone, email and in-person sessions).  This is for individual in person, phone, or e-mail appointments.  If additional appointments are sought, a separate fee of $35 will be charged for each additional hour appointment.  

If you have any question about the services available or would like to schedule an appointment with a Career and Academic Advisor, contact our office at 928-523-4772 or via e-mail at

For other Alumni services, please visit the NAU Alumni Association.


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