Vol. 2 No. 44 | November 2, 2005


NCA steering committee appoints task forces

The NCA Self-Study Steering Committee has formed the five task forces that will work on the institutional self-study as it continues to prepare for the 2007 site visit by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The NCA visit is part of NAU's accreditation process, which occurs every ten years.

Listed below are the five criteria the NCA self study will address and the task force for each. Further information about institutional accreditation and the self-study process is available at Northern Arizona University's Institutional Accreditation website.

Mission and Integrity
Joe Collentine (College of Arts and Letters) (Co-chair)
Cynthia Childrey (Cline Library) (Co-chair)
Betsy Putman (College of Business Administration)
Diane Verkest (Human Resources)
David Camacho (President's Office)
Robert Larson (Forestry)
Jennie Duran (Affirmative Action)
Carla Andrews O'Hara (University Marketing)
Jeanette Baker (Enrollment Management & Student Affairs)
Jack Ferrell (Yuma)
Ed Cahall (Cline Library)
Jeanne Fisher (Foundation Board Member)
Sharon Cardenas (Teaching and Learning)
Kathy Hildebrand (Health Sciences)

Preparing for the Future
Sarah Bickel (Student Affairs) (Co-chair)
Gypsy Denzine (College of Education) (Co-chair)
Fred Hurst (Distance Learning)
Stephanie Jacobson (ABOR)
Bruce Fox (Honors)
Warren Lucas (Sociology & Social Work)
Fred Estrella (ITS)
Eric Yordy (New Student Programs)
Mike Beatty (Foundation Board Chair)
Michelle Martinez (Student)
Richard Carroll (Institute for Human Development)

Student Learning/Effective Teaching
Don Carter (E-Learning Center) (Co-Chair)
Casey Donoho (College of Business Administration) (Co-Chair)
Brandon Cruickshank (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Ryan Rodriguez (ASNAU)
Katherine Nicolet (Nursing)
Peter Mangan (Yuma)
Cindy Anderson (Office of Resident Life)
Cynthia Conn (Office of Academic Assessment)
Catherine Ueckert (Biological Sciences)
Sibylle Gruber (English)
Margot Saltonstall (Student Affairs)
Dorothy Briggs (Educational Support Programs)
Gayle Houser (School of Communication)
Michelle Gardner (Student)

Acquisition, Discovery, Application of Knowledge
Mary Reid (Geology) (Co-chair)
Ramona Mellott (Educational Psychology) (Co-chair)
John Campbell (ITS)
Angela Willeto (Sociology and Social Work)
Stan Lindstedt (Biological Sciences)
Claudia Bakula (Cline Library)
Marin Robinson (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
David Mosow (Foundation Board Member)
Dick Coast (Exercise Science)
Mitch Hopewell (Graduate Student)
Kara Levinson (Student)
Marcia Warden (Human Resources)
Jeane Spada-Allgood (Faculty Development)

Engagement and Service
Susanna Maxwell (Academic Personnel) (Co-chair)
Sandra Lubarsky (Master of Liberal Studies) (Co-chair)
Deb Harris (Student Life)
Wayne Sjoberg (Psychology)
Anna Marie Aldaz.(Yuma)
Kathleen Mitchell (Ecological Restoration Institute)
Kay Pinto (College of Business Administration)
Jerome Souers (Athletics)
Laura Taylor (Cline Library)
Bruce Bryant (Bookstore)
Molly Munger (Community Relations)
Angela DeLa Cruz (Alumni Association)
Samantha Willie (Student)
Deidre Crawley (AmeriCorp Program)
Brant Short (School of Communication)