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Longtime employees recognized for years of service

More than 140 Northern Arizona University faculty and staff members were honored this week for their many years of dedicated service to the university at the annual Service Pin Award ceremony.

Given in five-year increments, the award recognizes longtime employees who have worked for NAU at least 15 years.

Those recognized include:

35 years of service

  • Jimmie Davis, Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning
  • Jay Farness, Professor, English
  • Diana Hernandez, Library Supervisor, Cline Library
  • Terry Leclair, Locksmith, Capital Assets
  • Frank Scott, Professor, School of Music
  • Edwin Talley, Manager, Postal Services
  • Dennis Tanner, Professor, Health Sciences
  • Walter Vannette, Professor, Anthropology

30 years of service

  • Karen Appleby, Special Assistant to the President and Provost, Office of the Provost
  • Rick Brandel, Dean of Students, Student Life
  • Wendy Campione, Professor, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Benny Cordova, Custodian, Capital Assets
  • David Elliott, Professor, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
  • R Evans, Archivist, Cline Library
  • Toni Fox, Coordinator, University Development
  • John Hagood, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Gregory Larkin, Professor, English
  • Kooros Mahmoudi, Professor, Sociology and Social Work
  • Becky McGaugh, Director, Purchasing
  • Eugene Moan, Professor, Educational Psychology
  • Linn Montgomery, Professor, Biological Sciences
  • John Nauman, Senior Laboratory Manager, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Richard Payne, Director, Residence Life
  • Clayton Peterson, Associate Professor, School of Art
  • Kay Pinto, Program Coordinator, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Betty Russell, Senior Support Systems Analyst, College of Education
  • David Sherry, Professor, Philosophy
  • Richard Skeen, Professor, Sociology and Social Work
  • Martin Sommerness, Professor, School of Communication
  • Thomas Whitham, Regents' Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Ankee Wu, Principal Applications System Analyst, Information Technology Services

25 years of service

  • Ramon Bazurto, Design Coordinator, Capital Assets
  • Robbie Bergman, Administrative Director, College of Health and Human Services
  • Edward Cahall, Senior Program Coordinator, Faculty Development Program
  • Merilyn Dudley, Senior Data Input Operator, University Development
  • Julie Ellsworth, Senior Business Manager, College of Education
  • Gary Emanuel, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
  • Michael Falk, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Wendy Garrison, Help Desk Team Lead, Information Technology Services
  • Willard Gilbert, Professor, Educational Specialties
  • Joan Jamieson, Professor, English
  • Senobio Jaramillo, Bus/Tram Driver, Disability  Resources
  • Wayne Klutinis, Equipment Operator, Capital Assets
  • Susan McGlothlin, Library Specialist, Cline Library
  • Margaret Moore, Professor, Forestry
  • Marilyn Poirier, Program Coordinator, Center for International Education
  • Shirley Robinson, Coordinator, Graduate College
  • Patricia Shanholtzer, Senior Library Specialist, Cline Library
  • Roxanne Stell, Professor, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Craig Stern, Supplemental Instruction Specialist, Educational Support
  • Bruce Sullivan, Professor, Comparative Cultural Studies
  • J Woodman, Professor, English

20 years of service

  • Christine Baca, Senior Program Coordinator, Dental Hygiene
  • Craig Bain, Professor, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Sarah Bickel, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Gloria Cody Begaye, Collections Manager, Office of the Bursar
  • Klaus Conrad, Associate Professor, Modern Languages
  • Mary Delfino-Debold, Assistant to the Dean, College of Health and Human Services
  • Thomas Destefano, Faculty Athletic Reprepresentative, President
  • Lena Gaddis, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
  • Lawrence Gallagher, Associate Dean, College of Education
  • Sheri Gordon, Senior Business Analyst, Graduate College
  • Larry Gould, Associate Vice President and Campus Executive Officer, NAU-Yuma
  • Richard Griego, General Maintenance Mechanic, Capital Assets
  • Stephen Hannah, Principal Systems Programmer, Education Technology Consortium
  • R. Dawn Hawley, Professor, Geography, Planning and Recreation
  • Paul Helford, Principal Lecturer, School of Communication
  • Steven Hemphill, Professor, School of Music
  • Edward Hood, Professor, Modern Language
  • Richard Howey, Professor, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Kevin Johnson, Director, Sponsored Projects
  • Cynthia Kosso, Director, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
  • Michael Manning, Police Sergeant, University Police
  • Ramona Mellott, Dean, Graduate College
  • Raymond Michalowski Jr, Regents' Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Lorinda Nuvayestewa, Program Coordinator, Educational Support
  • Charlotte Paddock, Senior Business Manager, Student Accounts
  • Patricia Peterson, Professor, Educational Specialties
  • Catherine Propper, Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Armand Ramirez, Network Operation Center Team Lead, Information Technology Services
  • Nancy Riggs, Professor, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
  • Kathryn Rose, Librarian, Cline Library
  • Kathryn Savage, Professor, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Rebecca Scarnati, Professor, School of Music
  • Cheryl Schrader, Administrative Assistant, Residence Life
  • Richard Stallings, Program Coordinator, Campus Supply
  • Suzanne Stefanko, Applications Systems Analyst Team Lead, Residence Life
  • Roberta Tohannie, Program Coordinator, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
  • Bobby Valencia, Athletic Facilities Maintenance Supply, Sky Dome
  • Michael Valenzuela, Senior Accountant, Assistant Comptroller
  • Gregory Vangorp, Mason, Capital Assets
  • Marcia Warden, Training Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Christine White, Custodian, Capital Assets
  • Lisa Williams, Senior Coordinator, Curriculum and Academic Systems Administration

15 years of service

  • Thomas Acker, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Audrey Alicee, Assistant to the Provost, Office of the Provost
  • Frederick Ami, Administrative Associate, Vice President for Research
  • Heather Bell, Senior Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services
  • Sylvia Benally, Library Assistant, Cline Library
  • Katherine Benson, Senior Application Systems Analyst, Planning and Institutional Research
  • Karen Blalock, Administrative Assistant, Honors
  • Lauren Budzinski, Building Coordinator, Cline Library
  • Brent Burch, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Rebecca Campbell, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
  • Carol Chambers, Professor, Forestry
  • Holly Coast, Web Developer, Staff Specialist, Information Technology Services
  • Cheryl Cothran, Director, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Francine Dalgai, Senior Accountant, Assistant Comptroller
  • Gypsy Denzine, Dean, College of Education
  • Jeffrey Downard, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Wilma Ennenga, Director, Office of Grant and Contract Services
  • Claudia Gallinger, Senior Nurse, Fronske Health Center
  • Sibylle Gruber, Professor, English
  • David Guyot, Painter, Capital Assets
  • Leslie Hempleman, Research Specialist, Biological Sciences
  • Steven Hempleman, Professor, Biological Sciences
  • David Huffman, Director, Ecological Restoration Institute
  • Robert Johns, Head Swimming and Diving Coach, Athletics
  • Christopher Johnson, Associate Professor, School of Communication
  • Sanjay Joshi, Professor, History
  • Nicole Kelsey-Huffman, Diving Coach, Athletics
  • Kathleen Knights, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Yvette Loeffler-Schmelzle, Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid
  • Marc Lord, Director, Extended Campuses
  • Kenneth Lorek, Bilby Endowed Chair, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Prudencia Maestas, Custodial Area Supervisor, Capital Assets
  • Sherri McCarthy, Professor, NAU-Yuma
  • Marlene Nebitsi, Senior Grant and Contract Admininstrator, Office of Grant and Contract Services
  • Duane Nelson, HVAC Controls Mechanic, Capital Assets
  • Karen Plager, Professor, School of Nursing
  • Yvette Sams, Director, College of Education
  • Kathleen Schmand, Coordinator, Cline Library
  • Thomas Sisk, Professor, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
  • Veronica Tellez-Tapia, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Thomas Uno, Associate Director, Institute for Human Development
  • Diane Verkest, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Paul Wagner, Academic Computing Team Lead, Information Technology Services
  • Heidi Wayment, Professor, Psychology
  • Charlene Wingo, Program Coordinator, Civic Service Institute
  • Mary Yellin, Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Lisa Young, Senior Coordinator, Extended Campuses
  • Michael Zimmer, Senior Business Analyst, Assistant Comptroller


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