What's happening at NAU this week

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Employee Training

June 17: 8 a.m. - noon. New Employee Orientation

June 17: 1- 3 p.m. Benefits Orientation

June 11-17, all day Native American Guide Training Course
Fee: $625 PRM 432B 3 Credits
More information coming soon.

Museums, Galleries & Entertainment
Through July 31: NAU Art Gallery, 'Reflections of the Land' presented by Diablo Trust.
Lectures, Workshops & Conferences
June 12-13, all day American Indian Teacher Education Conference

Prospective Students & Parents

June 11-12: Freshman Orientation

June 13: Transfer Orientation
June 15-16: Freshman Orientation
July 4,
March in the City of Flagstaff parade with fellow NAU students, employees and alumni.
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