November 15, 2012

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Over the past few years, the theme of change has resonated throughout our university.

Together, we have witnessed the physical transformation of campus, an extensive revision of first-year courses and the growing presence of technology in the daily business of academics. Performance metrics now influence funding decisions—and much less of our overall funding originates from the state.

I invite you to join me at a public forum at 3:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26, in the High Country Conference Center, to hear more about the changes coming to NAU and to offer your thoughts. You can join in online or in person to experience the transformation already occurring.

We have come a long way, yet it seems that the pace of change in higher education leaves little time for rest.

We are poised to enter a whole new era with a new set of challenges. It’s a world populated with its own language of rapidly emerging ideas: open educational resources, flipped courses, learning management systems and the now ever-present MOOC.

Just this week, it was announced that a major step has been taken to consider how to grant college transfer credit for what are now free online courses offered through Coursera. In the meantime, work continues on our own groundbreaking Personalized Learning program.

These changes present challenges to all of us, and not just challenges of design and implementation. The very culture of higher education is in question. It simply isn’t possible to fundamentally change the way we operate without affecting the way we think about it.

Please join me on Nov. 26 to consider academic transformation, our FY14 budget and other university priorities that are important to us all.


John Haeger

John D. Haeger