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ITEP Staff:
Andy Bessler

Andy Bessler Andy Bessler joined the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals at Northern Arizona University in March, 2013.

Andy serves as ITEP's Project Director for the National Tribal Air Association (NTAA). Andy provides NTAA air quality policy analysis and logistical support in order to empower tribes around the country with a strong voice in air quality and climate change policy. He previously worked for ITEP's Tribal Clean Energy Center organizing solar energy workshops and writing clean energy grants for tribes.

Prior to coming to ITEP, Andy worked over a decade with tribal communities as a organizer for the Sierra Club coordinating campaigns to protect sacred lands and curb climate change. He has served on the Paatuwaqatsi Run Committee, helping the Hopi community organize a powerful annual ultra-marathon on Hopi called the Paatuwaqatsi (Water is Life) Run. Andy holds a MA in Applied Cultural Anthropology from NAU and has traveled extensively in West Africa, Mexico, Europe and the US.

When not working, Andy enjoys trail running, biking and spending time with his family including his children Noah and Ruby and his wife and best friend Erin Widman, proud owner of Flagstaff's best yoga studio, The Yoga Experience.

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