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Carol Seumptewa

Carol Seumptewa Carol is practically a native of Arizona having moved to Flagstaff with her family at the age of 7. As a child, on an adventure travelling cross-country from Illinois to Arizona, she was excited to see real live "Indian" teepees in Holbrook. She eventually adjusted her perspective of life in Arizona with "cowboys and Indians" to a more realistic outlook of life in the west.

She attended Flagstaff schools, graduated a Flagstaff Eagle and earned a scholarship to Arizona State College (now Northern Arizona University). Before she had a chance to finish her degree though, she married a local Hopi, moved to Many Farms where she worked in the Business Office for the fledgling Navajo Community College (now Dine College) temporarily located at Many Farms Boarding School while the campus was being established at Tsaile.

After five years and a brief one year stint in Denver, CO where her son was born, they returned to Arizona to work on Hopi and where she remained for 13 years. She worked with various components of the Hopi Health Department. Carol earned her degree from the university which was one of her crowning achievements as it took a bit of effort to finish her last semester of course work from the reservation. She was also the first in her family to obtain a degree.

The health of her daughter necessitated the return to Flagstaff. She has been employed by the university for a continuous period of time (20 years). Each position built on the previous until she was back to a department committed to the environment, assisting native tribes, and educational issues. Carol has enjoyed her interaction with both the Native and educational communities through ITEP, AIAQTP and EEOP.

She now has a beautiful daughter-in-law and three rambunctious grandsons and is fortunate to have them living locally.

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