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Tribal Emissions Inventory Software Solution (TEISS):

TEISS - Getting National Emission Inventory (NEI) for States and Counties of Interest Using The Tribal Emission Inventory Software Solution (TEISS)::

NEI data is most easily accessible through the U.S. EPA's CHIEF website:
This is the Technology Transfer Network ClearingHouse for Inventories and Emission Factors.

Once at this page, click on the link for "Emission Inventories."
Then look for the section "NEI for the US."
The most recent information available (as of April 2004) is the "2002 Preliminary NEI", click on the link for that.
Once at this page, you'll need to decide which data you want to download, Point, Non-Point.

For Point Sources, find the section on the page that says "State MS Access Files - NIF 3.0." Click on the "FTP Site" for Criteria Pollutants

On the FTP page, you'll see 52 zip files. The first two letters of the zip file are the state abbreviation. Double click on the zip file for the state you want. A message window will open asking if you want to open the file or save it to your computer. Click on "Save."

A "Save As" window will open, select the location/directory on your computer where you want to save the file. You can put it anywhere that you like, just remember where you saved it so you can tell TEISS where to find it later.

Use Windows Explorer to find the saved zip file on your computer, double click on it to "unzip" or extract the Access database file that has the data in it. Extract the Access file to the directory on your computer where you want to store it.

Open TEISS, and follow directions to import NIF (NEI Input Format) data. Select the file you downloaded from the EPA website to be imported. Choose the "Selected Locations" radio button and select just the counties you are interested in. The more counties you select, the longer it will take for TEISS to import them.

Getting NEI for TEISS

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