Professional Assistance (PA)::

ITEP's Professional Assistance (PA) program is designed to meet the more individualized training needs of tribal air quality professionals. Professional Assistance can take many forms, and can address a multitude of air quality topics. ITEP staff will make every effort to connect applicants with appropriate host sites or trainers in order to meet their specific needs.

Options for training topics are virtually unlimited, but some examples of topics previously addressed are:

  1. Development or review of a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)
  2. Technical assistance with monitoring equipment
  3. Air Quality System (AQS)
  4. Title V Permitting or permit review
  5. Indoor air quality
  6. Emissions inventory

    Individual Assistance:
    ITEP, tribal, or other technical staff can provide individualized assistance. Training can occur at the tribal site or other
    centralized location, as well as remotely. ITEP can occasionally provide financial assistance to attend training at other

    Group Assistance:
    Specialized training can be provided to a group of qualified individuals when a need has been determined. The group can
    consist of multiple people from a single tribe, or representatives from other tribes. Training can occur at the tribal site or
    other centralized location. Availability of training depends on funding and overall demand.

How do I request Professional Assistance?
Applications for training as well as host-site proposals are accepted on a continual basis. However, due to funding and other limitations, applicants must be aware that not all requests can be accommodated. Requests can be submitted via the Application Form below.

    Professional Assistance application
    Professional Assistance brochure

Lydia Scheer, Program Coordinator, Sr.
Tel: 928/523-6887
Email: Lydia.Scheer@nau

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