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Air Monitoring Data Management Web-Based Course:

Course Description:
This web-based course will provide air quality managers and technical personnel with an understanding of the skills needed to successfully plan for, manage, report, and present air quality data. The course will focus on project planning, project operations, measurement data management, and using Microsoft Excel for air monitoring data management.

Online material (text, audio, video, data files, and photos) will be interspersed with assignments in which participants practice the skills introduced during the modules. Web-based conference calls will be conducted weekly to discuss course content and address any technical issues that arise. Quizzes and a culminating assignment are used for assessment of student learning. Participants will be expected to dedicate an average of five (5) hours per week to successfully complete the class, and participate in at least two (2) web-based conference calls. Participants may opt to complete the class on a shorter timeframe than what is allotted.

Topics include:
  • Legally-defensible data

  • Data transfer and reconstruction of lost information

  • Data review and validation

  • Data summary and presentation

  • Gathering, recording, and managing quality control data

  • Calculation of precision and bias statistics

  • Reporting

  • Preparing for audits

  • Using Microsoft Excel for basic data review

Participants must be conducting ambient air monitoring or have equipment in-house and plan to start monitoring within 6 months. In addition, the following ITEP courses (or equivalent training/experience) are required:

  • Introduction to Tribal Air Quality

  • Air Quality Computations

  • Air Pollution Technology

Academic Credit:
This training course may be taken for academic credit. For additional information about academic credit options, please refer to the enclosed "Receiving Academic Credit for Courses Offered by the American Indian Air Quality Training Program."

NOTE: This course may be taken for academic credit ( Click HERE for details).

For more information, please contact:
Lydia Scheer, Training Coordinator
Tel: 928/523-6887

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