Air Pollution Modeling

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Course Description:
Air quality modeling uses special computer programs to estimate the effects of various emission scenarios on ambient air quality. This course will provide an overview of modeling and its applications. It is an intensive three-day course that will include lectures, discussions, and hands-on practice using the SCREEN3 computer model.

Topics include:
  • Types of models and what they tell us

  • Types of data needed for models

  • Running the SCREEN3 model

  • The role of air pollution modeling in reviewing source permits

  • Model evaluation & assessment

Prerequisites: (or equivalent training/experience)
  • Introduction to Tribal Air Quality

  • Air Quality Computations

  • Air Pollution Technology

Note: This "Air Pollution Modeling" course is a prerequisite for a second modeling course that will go more deeply into models such as AERMOD and CALPUFF.

If you have questions regarding the pre-requisites or your eligibility for this course, please contact Patricia Ellsworth, Air Quality Curriculum Coordinator, at or phone 928-523-6721.

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