Air Pollution Technology (TECH) (Level 2)

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Course Description:
This course is designed for tribal air quality program managers and technical personnel. It is intended to provide a deeper understanding of air pollution, particularly its sources, transport, and control. This course provides an overview of the science of air pollution and the techniques of air quality management. This is a rigorous technical course.

Topics include:
  • Emissions inventory

  • Basic statistics and data analysis

  • Air pollution meteorology

  • Ambient air sampling and monitoring

  • Basic dispersion modeling

  • Air pollution control technology

  • Air monitoring data management

  • Internet resources

Who Should Attend:
Tribal air quality program managers and technical personnel who have successfully completed ITEP's "Introduction to Tribal Air Quality" and "Air Quality Computations" courses or who have sufficient academic training in science, mathematics, and/or engineering. This course is required for those who need to move on to technical Level 3 training courses.

Course Structure and Approach:
This is an intensive training course with large-group lectures and discussions, hands-on activities and demonstrations, computer and problem-solving exercises, and small-group work. There will be evening homework assignments and a required pre-course module.

  • Introduction to Tribal Air Quality (or equivalent experience)

  • Air Quality Computations (or equivalent experience)

Lydia Scheer, 928/523-6887,

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