Air Quality Computations (COMP) (Level 1)

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Course Description:
This course enhances the skills needed to work with air quality measurements. It is designed for tribal environmental personnel who have limited experience in air quality data computations. The course takes a "learn-by-doing" approach. Brief lectures will be interspersed with activities in which participants practice skills and learn to apply the math to air quality work. Each participant will have access to a calculator and/or computer as needed during the practice sessions. Applicants will complete a pre-course assignment and there will be homework each evening during the course.

Topics include:
  • Arithmetic computations in air quality

  • Metric system

  • Significant figures and rounding

  • Units conversion

  • Basic statistics

  • Problem solving

  • Volume, temperature, and pressure

  • Calibration and slope

  • Bias and precision

  • Exponents

  • Working with Excel


Prior completion of ITEPís "Introduction to Tribal Air Quality" (or a basic familiarity with air quality topics) is strongly recommended. Both "Introduction to Tribal Air Quality" and "Air Quality Computations" (or equivalent education/training) are pre-requisites for ITEPís "Air Pollution Technology" course and are recommended for those working on the technical side of air programs including: quality assurance/quality control, data management, and technical report writing. If you have questions about the course, or think you might be overqualified for it, please call Pat Ellsworth (928-523-6721) at ITEP.

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