Air Quality System (AQS) (Level 3)

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Course Description:
The rapid growth of tribal air quality programs has created a need for tribal personnel to adequately manage air quality data and report data in the proper format to U.S. EPA’s Air Quality System (AQS). This course is intended to enhance tribal capacity in air quality data management and reporting.

Topics include:
  • Components of AQS

  • Site registration

  • Standard reports

  • Data formats

  • Posting raw data

  • Correcting data in AQS

  • Live loading of data

Who should attend:
This course is for tribal air quality professionals who have:
  1. Successfully completed the ITEP course prerequisites listed below.

  2. Submitted a draft Quality Assurance Project Plan (with a Network Design Plan) to EPA.

  3. Begun monitoring and collecting data for at least one criteria pollutant or for meteorological conditions.

  4. Provided example monitoring data to ITEP.

  5. Successfully registered as users in the AQS system (guidance on this step will be provided with selection materials).

Course Structure and Approach:
The course introduces tribal air professionals to AQS data-entry operations. Computer work involving hands-on data entry (upload), access, and retrieval is part of the training, and there is some pre-course work. To be eligible for the course, participants must submit data to upload.

Prerequisite Courses:
Participants must be currently monitoring or collecting relevant data. In addition the following ITEP courses are required:
  • Introduction to Tribal Air Quality (or equivalent experience)

  • Air Quality Computations (or equivalent experience)

  • Air Pollution Technology (or equivalent experience)

  • Air Monitoring Data Management or Tribal Data Toolbox courses are strongly recommended

Lydia Scheer, 928/523-6887,

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