Air Quality System (AQS) (Level 3)

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Course Description:
The rapid growth of tribal air quality programs has created a need for tribal personnel to adequately manage air quality data and report data in the proper format to the U.S. EPA’S Air Quality System (AQS). This course is intended to enhance tribal capacity in air quality data management and reporting. Computer work involving hands-on data entry (upload), access, and retrieval will be part of the training.

Topics include:
  • Components of AQS

  • Site registration

  • Standard reports

  • Data formats

  • Posting raw data

  • Correcting data in AQS

  • Live loading of data

Pre-requisites: (or equivalent training/experience)
  • Introduction to Tribal Air Quality

  • Air Quality Computations

  • Air Pollution Technology

  • Air Monitoring Data Management – OR – Tribal Data Toolbox are STRONGLY recommended prior to taking the AQS course.

Pre-course preparation activities (REQUIRED):
All course attendees must provide example air monitoring data to ITEP prior to the course. The data will be used for live-data-loading activities during the class. The data set that you provide to ITEP should
  1. be an electronic data file (.txt, .xls, .csv, etc.)

  2. contain at least two weeks of data for at least one criteria pollutant or meteorological parameter.

  3. be a data set that you intend to submit to AQS, and therefore validated. In other words, the data should pass all of the required quality control checks or be flagged if they do not.

The data set does not need to be in the AQS format. For example, it could be a text file directly from your instrumentation or datalogger. However, if you do have data in the AQS format, please provide the AQS formatted data as your submitted data set. This data set must be provided to ITEP in advance in order to be considered eligible for this course.

In addition, applicants must have met the following requirements:
  • Submitted a draft QAPP with Network Design Plan to EPA;

  • Be actively collecting data for at least one criteria pollutant, or for meteorological conditions;

  • Have basic computer skills.

If you have questions regarding the pre-requisites or your eligibility for this course, please contact Patricia Ellsworth, Air Quality Curriculum Coordinator, at or phone 928-523-6721.

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