Dispersion Modeling (Second course in a Level 3 series)

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Course Description:
Air quality modeling software and outputs can be used in a variety of applications, each with its own unique considerations. This course will offer lecture and large-group discussions on dispersion modeling theory and practical applications, as well as ample hands-on activities. Instructors will also provide guidance, in an interactive workshop setting, on individual projects related to air dispersion modeling. Both tribal professionals who work with permits, the NEPA process or other documents that incorporate modeling results as well as those who plan to use models (or supervise those who do), are encouraged to attend. Applicants must be able to provide specific project information as requested by course instructors in advance in order to be eligible for the course.

Topics include:
  • Dispersion Modeling principles

  • Modeling pre-processors and data inputs

  • Running regulatory dispersion models: AERMOD and CALPUFF

  • Interpretation and use of modeling outputs

  • How modeling is used in source permitting and the NEPA process

  • State & Federal agency contacts/resources for modeling activities

This is the second course in a series of Level 3 courses focused on air pollution modeling; prior training in air pollution modeling is required. The course is open to tribal air quality professionals who have completed ITEPís Air Pollution Modeling (Level 3) or equivalent courses. If you have questions about the course pre-requisites and/or eligibility, please contact Patricia Ellsworth (928-523-6721 or Patricia.Ellsworth@nau.edu).

Pre-Requisites: (or equivalent training/experience)
  • Introduction to Tribal Air Quality

  • Air Quality Computations

  • Air Pollution Technology

  • Air Pollution Modeling

Patricia Ellsworth, 928-523-6721, Patricia.Ellsworth@nau.edu

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