Indoor Air Quality Diagnostic Tools for Tribal Professionals (a Level 2 Course)

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Course Description:
This Level 2 course will bring together tribal environmental, housing, and health staff to learn how to use diagnostic equipment as a tool to assess indoor air quality. After completing this course, participants will be able to use diagnostic equipment and Interpret data to assess a home, test a home for radon, and educate the occupants about a healthful indoor environment.

The course is structured as an intensive training that uses multiple approaches to learning: lecture/discussion, hands-on, and site visits. The content is designed to further understanding of the use of indoor air quality diagnostic tools as they relate to assessing the air quality in residential structures.

Topics include:
  • Managing IAQ in the home Holistic approach to occupant behaviors.

  • Making the Building healthier Holistic approach to the structure.

  • Weatherization and IAQ.

  • Building Investigations using diagnostic equipment.

  • Hands on use of equipment on field trips to local homes.

  • Moving from interpretation into action.

Pre-Requisites: (or equivalent training/experience)
  • Indoor Air Quality in Tribal Communities, OR

  • Indoor Air Quality in Alaska Native Villages, OR

  • Tribal Healthy Homes

Lydia Scheer, 928/523-6887,

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