Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Diagnostic Tools (Level 2)

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Course Description:
This Level 2 course will bring together tribal environmental, housing, and health staff to learn how to use diagnostic equipment as a tool to assess indoor air quality. After completing this course, participants will be able to use diagnostic equipment and interpret data to assess a home, test a home for radon, and educate the occupants about a healthful indoor environment. The course is structured as an intensive training that uses multiple approaches to learning: lecture/discussion, hands-on, and site visits.

Topics include:
  • Managing IAQ in the home Holistic approach to occupant behaviors.

  • Making the Building healthier Holistic approach to the structure.

  • Weatherization and IAQ.

  • Building Investigations using diagnostic equipment.

  • Hands on use of equipment on field trips to local homes.

  • Moving from interpretation into action.

Pre-Requisites: (or equivalent experience)
  • Indoor Air Quality in Tribal Communities, OR

  • Indoor Air Quality in Alaska Native Villages, OR

  • Tribal Healthy Homes

If you have questions regarding the pre-requisites or your eligibility for this course, please contact Patricia Ellsworth, Air Quality Curriculum Coordinator, at or phone 928-523-6721.

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