Introduction to Tribal Air Quality (Level 1)

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Course Description:
This is an entry-level course designed to provide an understanding of the importance of clean air for the protection of the total environment as well as human health.

Topics include:
  • The concept of pH

  • Criteria pollutants

  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards

  • Air Toxics

  • Using a particulate matter air sampler

  • Major Clean Air Act provisions & their application to tribes

  • Climate change

  • Components of a tribal air program

Who Should Attend:
This is a course for tribal environmental personnel who are new to air quality issues or are interested in learning the basics of air quality management. It is geared to the non-scientist and is appropriate for technicians, administrators, or managers. This course is intended as a foundation for further study and is a pre-requisite for several AIAQTP training courses.

Course Structure and Approach:
This course is structured as an intensive training that uses multiple approaches to learning: large-group presentations (lecture/discussion), laboratory, and small-group activities. There will also be reading and writing assignments each evening during the course. The content is very basic and assumes that the participant has no prior background in science or air quality management.


Lydia Scheer, 928/523-6887,

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