Reviewing New Source Review (NSR) and Title V Permits (a Level 3 course)

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Course Description:
This new course is a sequel to the Tribal New Source Review course that ITEP offered in 2011 and 2012. As such, it is an advanced course that will focus on permit review (rather than program implementation). The first day will provide an overview of NSR and Title V and how they fit together, with some emphasis on Tribal Minor NSR. The remaining three days will go into depth on PSD, Nonattainment NSR, and Title V. There will be presentations with visual aids, as well as tribal case studies, discussions, and a variety of exercises.

Topics include:
  • Permit Issuance Process

  • Tribal NSR Rule

  • PSD Applicability

  • BACT

  • Air Quality Impacts Analysis

  • Nonattainment NSR Applicability

  • LAER

  • Offsets

  • Monitoring, Recordkeeping, and Reporting (MRR)

  • Title V Applicability

  • Compliance Features of Title V

  • Permit Review

This course is open to tribal air quality professionals who have completed the following pre-requisites (or have equivalent training/experience). If you have questions about the course pre-requisites and/or eligibility, please contact Patricia Ellsworth, (928-523-6721 or

Pre-Requisites: (or equivalent training/experience)
  • Introduction to Tribal Air Quality

  • Tribal Participation in the State Implementation Plan (SIP) Process

  • Tribal New Source Review

Patricia Ellsworth, 928-523-6721,

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