Climate Change:
The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals provides training, assistance and educational resources to tribes on climate change issues.

Climate Change Training:
ITEP offers training to tribal environmental professionals to build their capacity to address climate change issues. The courses are taught by instructional teams that include staff from ITEP, federal agencies, universities, and/or organizations, and most importantly, the tribes themselves, who share their expertise and experience.

Course Name
Sept 2-3
Climate Change Adaptation (1.5 days)
Portland, OR
Oct 7-9

Norman, OK

Oct 16

Keshena, WI
(at the Shifting
Seasons Summit)
Southwest Tribal Climate Change Project:
ITEP is collaborating with the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station on a project focusing on tribal climate change issues and concerns in Arizona and New Mexico. Project activities include the Southwest Tribal Climate Change Network and the Southwest Tribal Climate Change Workshop.
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Tribes & Climate Change Website:
The website includes profiles of tribes that are impacted by climate change, audio recordings of tribal elders offering their views on climate change, general information about climate change and its impacts, links to numerous online resources, and much more! The website was developed with support from US EPA as a resource for tribes.

Tribal Climate Change Newsletter:
The monthly newsletter, delivered by email, provides news items, resources, announcements about funding opportunities, conferences, and training, and other information relevant to tribal climate change issues. To subscribe, send an email and ask to be added to the list.
    Archived Newsletters (available as PDFs)

Tribal Climate Change Webinars:
Upcoming and archived webinars.
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Tribal Climate Change Program brochure:
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For more information about ITEPís climate change activities, please contact:
Sue Wotkyns, Program Manager
Tel: 928/523-1488

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