Waste & Response:
Working with our federal partners, as well as tribes throughout Indian Country and Alaska, ITEP has developed two distinct programs focused on a broad range of waste management activities.

The Tribal Solid Waste Education and Assistance Program (TSWEAP) is funded through a variety of sources (currently by US EPA's American Indian Environmental Office and the US Department of Agriculture) and is focused on providing training courses and technical assistance to tribal professionals working in solid waste management. During 2014-2015 this program will be offering the following courses:
  • Developing and Implementing Tribal Solid Waste Codes
  • Composting Strategies and Operations for Tribes
  • Greening Tribal Facilities and Operations
  • Recycling Strategies and Operations for Tribes

The Tribal Waste and Response Assistance Program (TWRAP) is funded by US EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response and has a broader mandate. TWRAP provides training and assistance, but covers additional areas of concern, such as brownfields, contaminated sites, hazardous materials, Underground Storage Tanks, and emergency response programs conducted by Native American communities and Alaskan Native villages. As part of TWRAP activities, ITEP also helps coordinate a national steering committee of tribal professionals and conducts the annual Tribal Lands and Environment Forum.

As part of ITEP's waste and response activities, we also recruit tribal "mentors" - tribal staff members who have expertise in various aspects of waste management, brownfields, contaminated sites, USTs, and emergency response - who are willing to give their time and share their knowledge with other tribal employees who may be facing challenges in these areas. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please fill out the online form below. We'd love to hear from you!

Mentorship Program:
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Tribal Hazardous Substances site:
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For more information, please contact:
Todd Barnell, Program Manager
Tel: 928/523-3840
Email: Todd.Barnell@nau.edu

John Mead, Program Coordinator, Sr.
Tel: 928/523-2005
Email: John.Mead@nau.edu

Julie Jurkowski, Program Coordinator
Tel: 928/523-9404
Email: Julie.Jurkowski@nau.edu
Jennifer Williams, Alaska Program Coordinator, Sr.
Tel: 907/250-3826
Email: Jennifer.Williams@nau.edu

Roberta Tohannie, Program Coordinator, Sr.
Tel: 928/523-2082
Email: Roberta.Tohannie@nau.edu

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