National Tribal Steering Committee:

We are currently accepting applications to serve on our national tribal steering committee. Applicants must work for a federally-recognized tribe in the field of environmental management. Please download the document below for additional information and the application. Completed applications may be email to:
    Steering Committee Application

ITEP has established a national tribal steering committee in order to assist with the work of the Tribal Waste and Response Assistance Program (TWRAP) and to ensure that tribal needs and priorities are addressed by this program's activities. Applicants to the steering committee went through a competitive selection process. The nine successful candidates were chosen based upon their experience and their geographical representation.

Steering committee members meet four times a year to discuss program activities, assist with the development and delivery of training courses and a national tribal conference, provide feedback and assistance with program research activities, and to provide ITEP with up-to-date tribal perspectives on waste and response issues.

The current members of this steering committee are:

The current members of this steering committee are:

Victoria Flowers
Oneida Tribe of Indians
of Wisconsin

Alexander James
Yakutat Tlingit Tribe

Tim Kent
Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma

Katie Kruse
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community

Victoria Kotongan
Native Village of Unalakleet

Virginia LeClere
Prairie Band of Potawatomi

Peter Reuben
Tonawanda Seneca Nation

Rob Roy
La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians

Elliott Talgo
San Carlos Apache Tribe

John Wheaton
Nez Perce Tribe

    TWRAP Steering Committee Charter

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For more information, please contact:
Todd Barnell, Program Manager
Tel: 928/523-3840

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