Tribal Solid Waste Education and Assistance Program (TSWEAP):

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Tribal Transfer Station Management

Course Description:
The focus of this course will be on planning for the creation of a tribal transfer station, managing the construction phase of the transfer station, and developing effective management strategies for the transfer station. Instruction at the course will be provided by ITEP and tribal instructors. Time will be given to in-class lectures as well as group activities and a field trip to an existing tribal transfer station.

Course Content:
  • Discussion of the state of solid waste management by participants

  • Understanding Your Waste Stream

  • Transfer Station Design

  • Working with Tribal Government and Your Community

  • Construction of a Tribal Transfer Station

  • Transfer Station Management, Operation, and Maintenance

  • Transfer Station Safety

  • Economics of Transfer Station Operations

  • Expanding Transfer Station Activities

  • Field Trip to Tribal Facility

Participant Eligibility:
Applicants must be employed by a federally recognized tribe. The course is specifically developed for staff employed in all aspects of solid waste management.

Course Fees:
There are no fees for this course. ITEP will pay for lodging (room and taxes only) expenses for up to 20 accepted participants. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs and per diem expenses.

For more information, please contact:
Todd Barnell, Program Manager
Tel: 928/523-3840

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