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HIPAA: A Federal law protecting medical information

Welcome to the ITS HIPAA Policy Web site. This site is intended to explain policies and procedures related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and in particular, HIPAA's Privacy Rule.

This site is intended to help departments charged with the responsibility of keeping patient data private and secure. Departments with their own computing staff can handle their own security measures, or they can have ITS implement security measures for them.

The articles at left provide information on the steps ITS recommends for anyone who has access to Protected Health Information (PHI). ITS can help you make sure your computers are safe from unauthorized access to PHI, at both the network and desktop levels. The "Contact Information" page puts you in touch with administrative and technical contacts who can help identify and meet your information security needs.

Additional articles on HIPAA

Here are a couple of sources of information on HIPAA, the Privacy Rule, and its implications for university security:

The University of Florida's Privacy Office

The Department of Health and Human Services HIPAA page

ITS Info articles on security

These articles, from recent issues of the ITS Info newsletter, deal with pertinent security issues.

Network ports and blocking thereof

FERPA and protected student information

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