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What is the Campus Wireless Project?

This project will deploy (wifi) wireless network service in all campus buildings and at some statewide locations. It is expected to be a 3 year project. Campus Residence Halls were targeted first and are now complete. Academic buildings are next. ( See the list below ).  For information on the Residence Hall network visit  Additional FAQs for Students .

How does it work?

The wireless service in academic buildings will have a new look and different access method than the Residence Halls or previous NAU wireless installations.  The service in each academic building will broadcast two wireless networks with the following format:

NAU-B#-G and NAU-B#-B

B# is the building number and -G or -B is the wifi standard of the wireless network.  Example: NAU-B17-G is building 17 802.11G wifi network.
Connect to the wireless network that your device can support and launch your browser.  An informational web page will display and you MUST click the accept button.  You are now on the network and can browse the internet.  This OPEN web access will work for NAU affiliates and ANY guest.  If you want to use other types of services then you must connect to a VPN of your choice. 

Which areas of the campus are covered by the project?

The following buildings now offer the new wireless service:
Adel Math Building 26
ARD Building 56
Ardrey Auditorium Building 37A
Babbitt Academic Annex Building 23
Biology Building 21
Communications Building 16
Geology Annex Building 13
Geology Building 12
High Country Conference Center
Liberal Arts Building 18
Performing and Fine Arts Building 37
Phoenix North Valley Office
Physical Sciences Building 19
Chemistry Building 20
Science Lab Building 17
Wettaw Biology/Biochemistry Building 88
Recreation Center Building 25 (partial coverage)
Peterson Hall Building 22 (partial coverage)
Rolle Activity Center Building 68 (partial coverage)
DuBois Center/South Dining Building 64
University Union Buildings 30/36
Anthropology Building 98D and Buildings 98A, 98B, 98C
Babbitt Administrative Center Building 51
Nursing Building 72
Learning Resources Center Building 61
Bilby Research Center Building 52
Riles Building 15
Hotel/Restaurant Management Building 33A
Engineering (CENS) Building 69
Southwest Forest Science Complex Building 82
Health Professions Building 66
SBS West Building 70
Social and Behavioral Sciences Building 65
W.A.Franke College of Business Building 81
Eastburn Education Center Building 27
Institute for Human Development Building 27A
Hotel/Restaurant Management Buildings 32,33A
ROTC Building 47A
Cline Library Building 28
Gateway Center Building 43
Astronomic Research Observatory Building 47
Information Technology Services Building 54/54a

How does this impact the previous NAU wireless service?

The previous wireless service is still active with the same connection requirements as before.
For information on the legacy wireless network visit:
Legacy wireless FAQ

Legacy wireless access can be found at:
Ashurst Auditorium Building 11
Colorado Plateau Studies Building 24
Facilities Services Building 77
Gammage Building 1
North Union Building 3
Project Management Office Building 8

What about security?

NAU's Virtual Private Network provides security for data transmitted along both the wired and wireless networks. Without the VPN, clear text passwords and data can be captured if the session is not encrypted.  By authenticating to the VPN with the VPN client your session will be encrypted between the PC and the VPN and not beyond these two points.  When connected to Internet based services please remember that the scope of NAU VPN security does not extend out to the Internet.  In effect the scope of VPN security is to protect you from exposure over the radio portion of the wireless network.
For more information on NAU's VPN visit .

Can departments set up their own wireless access points?

ITS discourages departments from setting up wireless equipment on their own, mostly because of serious security issues and radio-frequency conflicts.

Who do I call for support?

If you're having trouble getting up and running with the wireless network, you can get help from the Solution Center (faculty/staff) at 523-1511 or the Academic Computing Help Desk (students) at 523-9294.

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