Northern Arizona University

Department Unified Communications

This is a list of known issues on Enterprise Voice. These issues should be taken into account while deciding whether to switch your telephone service.

Play on Phone - The Play on Phone feature for retrieving voicemails is not reliable. This function calls a specified telephone number from the email interface (such as your office or cell phone) and plays the voicemail message. This function works intermittently. The workaround to this is to call the voicemail system to hear your voice messages or retrive them via email.

Out of Office Voicemail Greeting - This feature allows you to set an out of office voicemail greeting while leaving your everyday greeting in place. Setting your out of office greeting from inside Outlook function uses the Play on Phone technology and is not considered reliable at this time. The workaround for this is to call into your voicemail, select personal options and then choose option 1 (one).

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