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Help and Terms of Use


If you are having problems accessing LOUIE, please refer to either the Student Help Page or the Faculty/Staff Help Page. If that does not address your problem or if you have other technical questions, please contact one of the support centers listed below.

Students' Rights and Responsibilities
Student Self-Advisement Agreement

For Students:  
Student Technology Center phone: 928/523-9294
For Statewide (toll-free): 888/520-7215
Student Technology Center web site: http://www.nau.edu/stc/
Email: StudentComputing@nau.edu
For Faculty, Staff and Affiliates:  
ITS Solution Center phone: 928/523-1511
For Statewide (toll-free): 888/520-7215
ITS web site: http://www.nau.edu/its/
ITS services index: http://www.nau.edu/its/index/
Email: Ask-ITS@nau.edu


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