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LOUIE Account Rights & Responsibilities


A LOUIE account on an NAU computer system is a privilege available to qualified students. Usage of this system is monitored and you must understand and agree to the following to use this account:

I agree that I am responsible for the use of my LOUIE account

I agree that I will not give out my User ID and password to anyone other than a university official for university business.

I agree to close my browser when finished using the LOUIE system to protect my information immediately upon completion of my use of the system.

I agree to the revocation of my LOUIE account privileges if a misuse of the system provides information or access to information without authorization.

I agree that it is my responsibility to ensure that no individual observes the entering of my User ID and password when accessing my LOUIE account, especially in a public location. I agree to change my password in the event this occurs.

I agree to change my password in the event that my account is compromised or my password has been used without authorization.

I understand LOUIE will only work if my browser has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) capabilities.

I understand that if I do not agree with all of the above statements, I will not be allowed to use my LOUIE account.

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