Meteorite Classification Service for Established Collaborators

Effective immediately, a charge of $135 per meteorite will be made for meteorites that are not ordinary chondrites. Ordinary chondrites, because they typically require less analytical time, will require a charge of $75. Payment should be made by check or money order to: Northern Arizona University with "microprobe lab" written in the Memo line and sent to the address above.

For classification, you must provide 20 grams or 20 wt. % of the total weight, whichever is smaller. This the amount is prescribed by the Meteoritical Society Committee on Meteorite Nomenclature, and permits us to make a thin section (see below) and retain an archival sample. We need the location where the material was found (name of the nearest town or post office and the longitude and latitude determined by using GPS) in order to provide an official classification.

Send all material to be classified directly to:

Dr. T. E. Bunch
4911 Hornet Drive
Prescott AZ 86301

You will be required to pay the cost of making thin sections for microprobe analyses in addition to the cost per sample listed above. If you want expedited service, you can pay a higher rate for the thin sections. Check the site of the thin section maker we use, Spectrum Petrographics, Inc., for more information. Invoices will be sent directly to the requester from Spectrum Petrographics. We will accept previously made sections provided that they meet our requirements of uncovered, polished, ~0.03 mm in thickness, and are of standard size (47 x 27 mm). If the thin section provided is not useable, any costs required to make it acceptable will be borne by the requester.

Classifications will be withheld from submission to the Committee until the above requirements are fulfilled by the requester.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.