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Name, Position Contact Responsibilities
Laura Jones   
Associate Vice President, Planning and Institutional Research
Phone:(928) 523-9084
Email: Laura.Jones@NAU.EDU
  • Coordinates Planning & Institutional Research Projects
  • Leads IR team in providing accurate and timely information to university decision-makers
  • Responsible for President’s Cabinet, Arizona Board of Regents, and Legislative Reporting
  • Facilitates implementation of federal, state, and institutional regulations and initiatives
  • Special Projects
Julia Spining  
Associate Director
  • Coordinate Planning and Institutional Research tasks and deadlines
  • Assist with coordination of census and cohort processes
  • Academic Program Review preparation and verification
  • Work with external agencies (ABOR, NAU Governmental liaison, other institutions, accreditation agencies) to provide reports, statistics, and analyses
  • Conduct and/or assist with the analysis of student surveys
  • Represent Planning and Institutional Research on various internal and external workgroups and committees
  • Special Projects
Erxuan Bao  
Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer Sr.
  • Web Development
  • ASSIST Database Coordinator  
  • Retention and Graduation Analysis
  • Oracle/PeopleSoft Senior Analyst
  • Special Projects
Yael Bernstein
Business Analyst,Senior
Email: Yael.Bernstein@NAU.EDU
  • Represent PAIR and research impacts of system changes, data integrity and new initiatives as they relate to University Reporting
  • Assist with PeopleSoft development, testing, implementation, U&F cycles, and documentation
  • Develop and extract data from PeopleSoft and ERS databases
  • Facilitate faculty/employee reporting: IPEDS HR, CUPA, AAUP
  • Enterprise Business Analysis Team (eBAT) representative
Darrelle Martin   
Business Analyst Senior
Phone:(928) 523-4540
  • Coordinates system and integration testing of PeopleSoft updates/fixes and upgrades for PAIR
  • Develop and extract data from the PeopleSoft and ERS databases for analysis and reporting
  • Assists with the implementation and documentation of new technology/software as it relates to and/or interfaces with PeopleSoft
  • Identifies and responds to end-user questions, issues, and service opportunities. Coordinates user support for questions or issues related to PAIR
  • Enterprise Business Analysis Team (eBAT) representative
Eva Putzova  
Director, University Policy Initiatives
  • Manages CCC2NAU program
  • Policy Analysis Studies and Reports
  • Conduct analyses on Sophomore, Graduating Senior, & Alumni survey data in addition to periodic national surveys
  • Strategic planning
  • Geo-demographic analyses using GIS
Caprice Schneider  
Management Analyst
  • Assistant to the Vice President
  • PAIR budgets, payroll, purchasing, travel, PCard liaison
  • External Surveys
  • NAU Fact Book
  • Sophomore, Senior, Alumni Surveys
Donna Zimmerman  
Management Analyst,Senior
  • Completes Federal and State reports for university
  • IPEDS Coordinator/Key Holder
  • Data Requests-Internal and External
  • Census Process
  • National Student Clearing House Liaison
  • Provides “Quick Fact” information for university
  • Data verification for grant applications and accreditation reporting
  • Special Projects
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