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(Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Enrollment Highlights Information)
The manner in which NAU counts its students has been changed.  Headcount data has been restated from Fall 2003 (the semester when NAU changed its Student Information System to PeopleSoft) to the present.  Therefore, when comparing data between semesters prior to Fall 2003 with data for Fall 2003 and later, a difference in the headcounts may be noticeable. 
NAU is now including World Wide University (WWU) and outgoing Exchange students in its headcount.  WWU students are out-of state residents who are taking electronically delivered (web or satellite) courses.

Fall Semester
Fall Semester Spreadsheet

Summer Semester
Summer Spreadsheet
Summer Enrollment Headcount Comparison
2005 Summer Spreadsheet from Distance Learning

Spring Semester
Spring Semester Spreadsheet 

Winter Semester
2002 Winter from Distance Learning
Winter Spreadsheet
Winter Spreadsheet from Distance Learning

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