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This report is designed to show duplicated student counts for each fall and spring semester from Fall 2003 forward. Counts reflect all plans declared for students as of a particular point in time for the specified semester. Plans include majors, 2nd majors, minors, and certificates, as well as eligibility to enroll as of a particular point in time. This report does NOT equate to 21-day, official-census data, as students are counted multiple times to show activity in all programs. For the purpose of Academic Program Reviews, sum the totals in the columns labeled Enrolled in Census Primary Plan and Enrolled in Census Not Primary Plan to obtain complete enrollment counts for your program.

Some examples: Student A is enrolled on census day as an Art major (Primary Plan), Photography minor (Not Primary Plan) and with a certificate in Accounting (Not Primary Plan). This student is counted 3 times, plus the totals.

Student B is “eligible to enroll,” but either never enrolled for the specified semester or enrolled after census day. This student is counted once (Eligible to Enroll), plus the totals.

Note: Eligible to Enroll Counts are provided as an acknowledgement that departments often provide service to students who either enroll after the 21st day of the term, or do not enroll at all. The university, however, cannot officially count or receive funding for these students because of the lack of actual census-day enrollment.

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