Cohort Retention Analysis
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Undergraduate Cohort Retention and  Graduation Analysis
Extract Date:  06/30/2015

This information is a snapshot of all students assigned to a degree-seeking, incoming undergraduate cohort since 1994. It is important to note that degrees earned can be posted at any time; therefore, the numbers for degrees earned may change slightly due to daily updates.

Each cohort population is established using the official census population and stringent rules. Subsequent retention of each cohort is based on any enrollment, official or unofficial. The program/plan used in cohort reporting and assignments is the program/plan in effect on the day the cohort process is run. This program/plan coincides with the census-day major and adheres to the IPEDS regulations for cohort reporting.

The cohort process is run twice each fall and spring semester: once after 21st day census has been finalized (Preliminary CO1 Cohort), and again after the end of the term (Revised CO2 Cohort). Cohorts prior to Fall 2004 have not been revised. Revised Cohorts provide the most accurate retention and graduation statistics as the population better categorizes students whose classification may not have been apparent on the 21st day. If the most current cohort counts are italicized, it reflects preliminary (CO1) data. Please contact the Planning and Institutional Research Office if you need additional information.
Cohort Type: Full Time/Part Time:
No Selection IPEDS Ethnicity Residency
Gender Campus AGE Group
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