Graduate Retention Analysis
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Graduate Cohort Retention and Graduation Analysis
Extract Date:  07/02/2015

This information is a snapshot of all students assigned to a cohort since 1992 (New Master, New Doctor and New Major).  Data is summarized for fall enrollments and degrees earned.  It is important to note that degrees earned are still being posted from previous semesters, and therefore the numbers for degrees earned may also change slightly due to daily updates.

NOTE: Students in a "Prep" (preparatory) academic plan have not been included in these cohorts. Academic plans for statewide students are often initially entered as "Prep." These students will not be included in a new cohort (Master, Doctor, or Major) until their academic plan is changed to reflect their actual plan. Therefore the reported time to degree completion may reflect a shorter time period to graduation.

Each cohort population is established using the official student population; that is, the students who were included in the SCH and FTE calculations provided for state funding. Subsequent retention of each cohort is based on any enrollment, official or unofficial.

ETHNICITY/RACE In Fall 2009, race and ethnicity counts were restated to reflect new categories implemented by the United States Department of Education and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).
Cohort Type: Full Time/Part Time:
Campus College Department
Gender IPEDS Ethnicity Residency
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