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The Office of Planning and Institutional Research is consistently involved in conducting and preparing studies to facilitate institutional planning, decision-support, assessment, evaluation, and quality enhancement. PAIR annually conducts a Sophomore Survey, a Graduating Senior Survey, and an Alumni Survey. National surveys that NAU regularly participates in include: the CIRP, the CSI, the NSSE, the FSSE, HERIís Faculty Survey, and the National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity (Delaware Study).

The following files are in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat reader, you can download it from the Adobe web site.

Recurring Surveys
Incoming Freshman Survey (CIRP)
National Norm Comparisons
Sophomore Survey


Comments about Faculty/Staff
Graduating Senior Survey
Trend Report

Undergraduate Alumni Survey
Trend Report                
Graduate Alumni Survey
Student Engagement Survey (NSSE)

Faculty Engagement Survey (FSSE)
Faculty Satisfaction Survey (HERI)
Instructional Cost and Productivity (the Delaware Study)
Ad-hoc Studies
Summit on the Freshman Year 2004
Survey of Non-Retained Freshmen 2002

Incoming Freshman Survey (CIRP) (top)
CIRP is a national study of the American Higher Education System sponsored by the American Council on Education and administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles. This survey is designed to assess the demographic characteristics, past experiences, current opinions, as well as the aspirations of new incoming freshmen.

Sophomore Survey(top)
This survey assesses student satisfaction and opinions about their experiences at the university, while also addressing specific questions that must be reported to the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) for the Undergraduate Consolidated Accountability Report (UCAR).

Graduating Senior Survey(top)
This survey assesses student satisfaction and opinions about their experience at the university, while also addressing specific questions that are asked by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) for the Undergraduate Consolidated Accountability Report (UCAR) each year. Student satisfaction is measured in several areas: general academics, major department, faculty, skills development, advising, and experiences outside the classroom.

Graduate Alumni Survey(top)
This survey asks alumni to evaluate their satisfaction with their graduate degree program, preparation received in their degree program, and their education and employment experiences post graduation.

Undergraduate Alumni Survey (top)
The survey is administered to recent alumni graduating with bachelorís degrees to keep track of their graduate school or employment activities, and to have them reflect on their experience at the university. In addition to postgraduate activities, the alumni are asked to rate their satisfaction on such topics as the faculty, career preparation, advising, the extent to which they were helped in the development of certain basic skills, and their overall experience. This feedback from alumni allows NAU to shape programs to help the university better meet the academic and personal needs of future students.

Student Engagement Survey (NSSE)(top)
This survey focuses on assessing student engagement, of freshmen compared to seniors, in the areas of academic challenge, active and collaborative learning, student-faculty interaction, enriching educational experiences, and the supportive campus environment at the Northern Arizona University. This is a national survey with comparative data from other four-year colleges or universities.

Faculty Engagement Survey (FSSE)(top)
The Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) was constructed to parallel the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). The faculty version focuses on faculty perceptions of how often their students engage in different activities, the importance faculty place on various areas of learning and development, the types of interactions faculty have with students, and how faculty members organize class time. The pilot test of the FSSE was administered electronically as a web-only survey in spring 2003.

Faculty Satisfaction Survey (HERI)(top)
The survey extracts information regarding a variety of different faculty issues including teaching practices, research activities, interaction with students and colleagues, perceptions of institutional climate, as well as job satisfaction.

Instructional Cost and Productivity (the Delaware Study)(top)
In this report, academic disciplines at Northern Arizona University (NAU) are compared to national benchmark data collected by the University of Delaware as part of the National Study of Institutional Cost and Productivity (NSICP). These data are part of a national data-sharing consortium aimed at measuring institutional costs and faculty productivity at the academic discipline level of analysis.

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