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Provide an outstanding undergraduate residential education strengthened by research, graduate and professional programs, and sophisticated methods of distance delivery

Current 2013 strategic plan
Strategic goals evolution: 1955-2013
Performance accountability measures
2020 Targets
Indicator 2009 Actual 2012 or Latest Available/ Actual 2020 Target
Bachelor's Degrees Produced 3,151 4,207 4,400
Freshman Retention Rate 71.5% 76.1% 78%
6-year Graduation Rate 50% 49.1% 60%
Community College Transfers 1,917 2,606 4,000
4-year Graduation Rate of Community College Transfers 68% 68.8% 88%
Undergraduate Enrollment (Official 21st Day) 18,083 21,560 22,700
Total Enrollment 23,320 25,774 30,416
Total Research Expenditures $26.2M $28.1M $40M

  • Excellence in Education—Offer a rigorous, high-quality education to all students
  • Student Success—Place learner needs at the center of our academic and service planning, policies, and programs
  • Educational Access—Provide all qualified students with access to higher education
  • Diversity—Achieve multicultural understanding as a priority of educational and civic life
  • Integrity—Operate with fairness, honesty, and the highest ethical standards to sustain a community of trust
  • Civility—Support a civil, engaging, and respectful campus climate

Strategic Goals:
  • Student Success
  • Nationally Recognized Research Excellence
  • Global engagement
  • Diversity, Civic Engagement, and Community Building
  • Commitment to Native Americans
  • Sustainability and Effectiveness
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