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University Strategic Planning
During the academic year 2012-2013 the university community undertook an extensive strategic planning exercise to review and refine our planning directions and principles. Online discussions attracted 1,084 visitors, resulting in an active participation of 243 students, faculty, and staff members.  In addition, 15 standing committees, councils, and departments were consulted during in-person feedback sessions. The dominant themes in the strategic plan review process included:

  • Employee relations (training and professional development, evaluation process)
  • Research as a separate strategic goal
  • Civic engagement and citizenship
  • Diversity
  • Effective use of technology
  • Learning outcomes

  • Access the 2013 Strategic Plan
    The Strategic Planning and Budget Council designated a work group to review the constituents’ feedback and revise the university strategic plan. As a result, the previous seven goals (from the 2010 strategic planning review process) were consolidated to the following goals that are aligned with four Arizona Board of Regents goals:

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