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Residence Hall Watch

Community Policing

The Northern Arizona University Police Department (NAUPD) is deeply committed to the philosophy of community policing. What does that mean? Simply put, it means that we have chosen community policing as the method that we use to manage our agency and provide service to our campus community.

Still confused? It might help if we define what community policing means to us. Community policing consists of two core components, problem solving and community partnerships. Within the problem solving process we work closely with the community to clearly identify the underlying causes of crime or other problems that negatively affect the community's safety and security. We then actively partner with the community to find and implement agreed upon solutions.

It is important to know that community policing at the NAUPD is not a program practiced by a few. It is a philosophy practiced by all department employees. It is embedded in everything we do. It can be found in our mission statement and our annual goals and objectives. It is an integral part of our hiring and promotion processes, and our recognition and appraisal systems. Community policing also allows us to focus our resources where they are needed most. It empowers all our employees by encouraging creative problem solving. It results in effective long-lasting solutions to problems.

Why community policing? Because we understand that we cannot deal with crime problems by ourselves. A truly safe campus can only be realized through the cooperation and collaboration of the entire community. It must be a team effort! Community policing provides the foundation for improving our collective quality of life.

Residence Hall Watch

As one of its many on-going community-oriented efforts to prevent and control crime on campus, the NAU Police Department implemented a Residence Hall Watch program. Patterned after the nationally recognized Neighborhood Watch program, the Residence Hall Watch program is designed to involve hall residents and staff in crime prevention activities, encourage crime reporting, and in the process control incidents of crime and reduce the fear of being victimized. To support this program the Department assigns a patrol officer as a liaison to each of the residence halls.

Residence Hall

Liaison Officers

Community Relations Officer/
Program Coordinator
Corporal J. Tritschler
Pine Ridge Village
McConnell Hall
Officer K. Park
Officer K. Duffy
Officer T. Cooper
North Morton
Officer M. Hinte
Aspen Crossing
Mt. View Hall
Officer T. Bense
McKay Village
Campus Heights
Corporal L. Wigley
Officer J. Brady
Corporal K. Hunter

Hiiltop Townhomes

The Suites

Officer C. Watson
Gabaldon Hall
South Village
Officer C. Anderson

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