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Detective Sergeant Missy Freshour

The Criminal Investigations Unit reports directly to the Chief of Police and is staffed by Detective Sergeant Mike O'Hagan. He responds to major crime scenes and is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all major crimes against persons and property that occur within the university's jurisdiction. His duties include overseeing the collection, preservation, and processing of available evidence; interviewing victims and witnesses; conducting pertinent crime analysis; coordinating his activities with other law enforcement and prosecution agencies; identifying and arresting offenders; and providing statistical information on criminal activity.

Sergeant O'Hagan is also responsible for conducting thorough and complete investigations on all incidents of alleged employee misconduct. He does not recommend discipline.

NAU Police Criminal Investigations

Sergeant O'Hagan believes in the concept that a truly safe campus can only be realized through the cooperation and collaboration of the entire community. "We are much better at providing quality service when you stay in touch with us. If you know of activities that you think the police should be aware of give us a call or use the 'Anonymous Report' form."

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