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or Dial 3-3000 from any on-campus phone or (928)523-3000 from a cell phone
TDD 928-523-1411

NAU Police Department operates a 24-hour, 365 days a year emergency and information resource Communication Center staffed by trained dispatchers:

NAU's Blue Emergency Phones located throughout campus are linked directly to NAUPD dispatch.
Emergency phones located in the elevators are linked directly to NAUPD dispatch.
Numerous intrusion, fire and trouble alarms throughout campus are monitored by the dispatch staff.
The NAUPD Communications Center operates a state of the art Motorola SmartNet 800 MHz trunked radio system:
This system allows direct communication with Flagstaff Police Department and Coconino County Sheriff's Department permitting effective and efficient crisis operations management as the need arises.
This system allows continued operation at the Flagstaff PD/Coconino County Communications Center in the case of emergency evacuation and vise-versa.
The NAUPD Communications Center operates an Intergraph Public Safety map based Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) System through an intergovernmental agreement with Flagstaff Police Department. This system shares information between the Flagstaff Police Department, Coconino County Sheriff's Department and NAUPD.

Information About Calling for Assistance

Dial 911 for EMERGENCIES ONLY!!!!
If you dial 911 by mistake, stay on the line and advise the dispatcher that it is NOT an emergency, simply an error. You may be called back to verify that you are not in danger.
Let the call taker (dispatcher) ask you questions. Please be patient during the process. Your answers help in determining the priority of an incident, thus responding the best and most appropriate assistance.
If you are in danger from, or uncomfortable with, someone who is nearby, simply answer the questions with a "yes" or "no".
STAY ON THE LINE WITH THE CALL TAKER (dispatcher) until they advise you to hang up.
Listen to the call takers (dispatcher's) instructions to you.

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Phone: (928) 523-3611
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