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april 10, 2015

00:48 DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUEINCE: Officer Park initiated a
traffic stop at Allen Hall.
Sgt. Tritschler, Cpl. Shiffer, Officer
Hinte assisted. One student booked for
one count of underage consumption of alcohol (MIC). Driver booked extreme dui, dui above .08, dui to the slightest
degree and underage dui. Citation issued
for stop sign violation. Refer to DR#
Arrest and Citation Issued
01:22 DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Cpl. Shiffer initiated a
traffic stop at Lot 64.
Subject arrested and booked into
Coconino County Detention Facility for
dui slight degree, dui above .08,
aggravated dui, possession of suspended
license, criminal speed 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Refer to DR# N15-00437.



DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Officer Hinte initiated a
traffic stop at Lone Tree and Churchill.

Student cited and released for dui to the
slightest degree, dui above .08, and extreme dui above .15. Citations issued for improper left turn, expired
registration and driving in a bicycle
lane. Refer to DR# N15-00438.

Cite and Release

03:56 ALCOHOL OFFENSE: Officer Park reported two subjects
running behind 1800 S Milton.
Officer Hinte, Cpl. Shiffer and Sgt.
Tritschler assisted. One student arrested
and booked into Coconino County
Detention Facility for underage
consumption of alcohol (MIC). Second
student arrested and booked in to
Coconino County Detention Facility for
MIC, false reporting and a misdemeanor
warrant. Refer to DR# N15-00439.
15:15 TRESPASS: Staff at the Blome Building reported a suspicious
person sleeping in the bushes near the building.
Officer Anderson was dispatched. The subject was found to have been
trespassed from campus. The subject
was booked into Coconino County Jail
for one count of criminal trespass.
Refer to DR #15-00440.
21:40 LITTERING: Cpl. Hunter reported being told that people were
throwing food at cars near Lot 62.
Officer Anderson assisted. Subjects
were not located. Gone on arrival.
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