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october 11, 2014


CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 10/11/14 at 10:49, a student reported
that her car had been written on and scratched in Lot 41. Damage
occurred between 10/10/14 at 15:00 and 10/11/14 at 09:30.

Officer Brady was dispatched. Refer to DR 14-1129. Closed/leads exhausted.

Closed Leads Exhausted
11:56 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 10/11/14 at 11:56, staff at McKay
Village reported that the glass on a fire extinguisher cabinet had
been broken. Damage occurred on 10/11/14 at approximately
Cpl. Hunter was dispatched. Refer to
DR 14-1130. Closed/leads exhausted.
Closed Leads Exhausted
13:29 HARRASSMENT: On 10/11/14 at 13:29, a student reported that
they were receiving unwanted texts at Sechrist Hall.
Officer Brady was dispatched. The
reporting party advised he would call his cell phone provider to block the number.
Refer to DR 14-1131. Information only.
Information Only
15:01 AUTO BURGLARY: On 10/11/14 at 15:01, a student called to
report an auto burglary at Hilltop Townhomes.
Officer Greenwald dispatched. Lexus
IS250 was left unlocked. Occurred
between 10/08/14 15:00 and 10/11/14
15:01. Closed Leads Exhausted. For more information refer to DR#14-1132
Closed Leads Exhausted

DRUG OFFENSE: On 10/11/14 at 21:49, University Safety Aids reported possible marijuana use in Lot 36.

Officer Hinte, Officer Cooper
dispatched. Two subjects were
criminally deferred for use of marijuana.
Refer to DR# 14-1133.
Criminally Deferred
22:34 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: On 10/11/14 at 22:34 hours, staff from
Tinsley Hall called to report a domestic dispute in one of the
Officer Hinte and Officer Cooper
dispatched. Reference DR # 14-1134.
Two subjects were given denials of
access, one for Wilson Hall and the
other for Tinsley Hall.
Given Denial of Access

DISTURBING THE PEACE: On 10/11/14 at 23:30, a resident at
Hilltop Townhomes called to report a loud party.

Officer Hinte was dispatched. Residents
were asked to keep the noise down and
nonresidents left the area.

Information Only









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