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october 18, 2014



00:46 DISTURBING THE PEACE: On 10/18/14 at 00:46, a resident at
Campus Heights called to report a loud group of people.

Officer Cooper was dispatched and
Officer Watson assisted. Subjects were
advised to keep the volume down.

Advised to Keep Volume Down
01:41 DRUG OFFENSE: On 10/18/14 at 01:41, staff at Mountain View
Hall called to report odor of marijuana in the building.
Officer Watson was dispatched and Officer Cooper assisted. No drug
offenses were observed. Subjects were given Code of Conduct violations for
alcohol which will be handled by hall staff.
Issued Code of Conduct Violation
02:52 THREAT: On 10/18/14 at 02:52, Officer Cooper reported being out with a subject at University and San Francisco who wanted to make a report about subjects threatening him off campus at
O’Leary and Franklin.

Flagstaff Police Department was notified however, due to other traffic no
officer was available and the subject
decided to call Flagstaff Police
Department in the morning to make a
report. Subject was FI’d and no further
action was taken by this department.

Information Only
22:46 DRUG OFFENSE: On 10/18/14 at 22:46 hours, a subject called to report the odor of marijuana in the area of Lot 32. Officer Watson was dispatched. There was a slight odor but could not be pinpointed to a certain location. Information Only









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