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October 24, 2014


CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 10/24/2014 at 01:25, a security guard at Hilltop Townhomes called to report graffiti in progress.

Officer Cooper, Officer Hinte
dispatched and assisted. Suspects were
gone upon officer arrival. Refer to DR#
14-1189. Closed leads exhausted.

Closed Leads Exhausted
01:42 HARRASMENT: On 10/24/2014 at 01:42, a student at Tinsley Hall called to report threats received via the internet. Officer Hinte dispatched. Both parties
agreed to cease contact with each other.
Refer to DR#14-1190.
Cease Contact
09:30 BICYCLE THEFT: On 10/24/14 at 09:30, a subject called to report their white/silver Cannondale mountain bike stolen from
Calderon Learning Community. It occurred between 10/23/14 at
10:30hrs to 10/24/14 at 07:45hrs.
Officer Bense dispatched. Refer to
DR#14-1191. Information only.
Information Only
11:17 BICYCLE THEFT: On 10/24/14 at 11:17, a subject at Allen Hall reported their White Fixie Hybrid bicycle stolen from the dorm
bike racks. It occurred between 10/23/14 at 17:00hrs and
10/24/14 at 10:22.
Cpl. Hunter dispatched. Refer to
DR#14-1192. Closed/Leads exhausted.
Closed Leads Exhausted
15:03 ASSAULT: On 10/24/14 at 15:03 hours, a subject walked in to the office and reported having been assaulted at Allen Hall.
Occurred on 10/24/14 at approx. 15:00 hours.
Officer Greenwald was dispatched. Was
determined to be an ongoing issue
between roommates. One subject was referred to residential life. Refer to DR#14-01193.
15:41 DRUG OFFENSE: On 10/24/14 at 15:41 hours, a concerned
citizen called in to report three subjects smoking an unknown
substance by Wilson Hall.
Officer Park was dispatched. Subjects
were smoking Hookah. Unfounded.

TRESPASSING: On 10/24/14 at 17:13 hours, Officer Park
reported an individual trespassing in Citizen’s Cemetery after

Individual was cleared with a field interview card and warned of
trespassing after hours.


22:26 BURGLARY: On 10/24/14 at 22:26, a student at McConnell Hall
called to report that their dorm room had been burglarized.
Officer Hinte dispatched. Occurred
between 16:00 to 22:26 today. Closed
leads exhausted. Refer to DR#14-1194.
Closed Leads Exhausted















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