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april 25, 2015

00:21 DRUG OFFENSE: Staff at McConnell Hall reported the odor of marijuana.

Officer Hinte dispatched. Three students
criminally deferred for possession of marijuana. Refer to DR# N15-00535.

Criminally Deferred

THEFT: Officer Hinte reported being out with a subject at Hilltop

Student was cited and released for MIC and theft. Refer to DR# N15-00536.

Cite and Release
06:59 AUTO THEFT/JOYRIDING: A concerned citizen called to report a vehicle that appeared to have struck the wall of a raised flower bed at the northeast corner of Cline Library. It was found that the vehicle had been taken from the area of the North
Heating Plant. Occurred between 04/23/15 at 17:00 and 04/25/15
at 06:59.
Officer Watson dispatched. Officer
McGuire assisted. Refer to DR
#N1500541. Closed/leads exhausted.
Closed Leads Exhausted
09:03 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: Officer McGuire reports finding that one south exit gate arm and one south entry gate arm were damaged at the San Francisco parking garage. Occurred on
04/25/15 at 01:49.
Open/pending investigation. Refer to
Open Pending Further Investigation
13:59 HARASSMENT: A resident of McConnell hall called to report that she was being harassed by another subject on campus. Cpl. Hunter dispatched. This situation
related to the RP calling on 04/23/15 at
13:29 and being arrested at that time.
Refer to supplemental report to DR
Update and Information Only
14:59 DRUG OFFENSE: Staff at McConnell Hall reported the odor of marijuana. Cpl. Hunter and Officer Bense were
dispatched. The odor was present but
there was no answer at the suspected
room. Gone on arrival.
Information Only
23:33 FOUND DRUG PARAPHERNALIA: Staff at Hilltop
Townhomes reported finding several backpacks in the parking
Officer Hinte dispatched. One student
criminally deferred for possession of
drug paraphernalia. Refer to DR# N15-
Criminally Deferred









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