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august 27, 2014


DISTURBANCE OF THE PEACE: On 08/27/14 at 11:33, A
concerned citizen called to report a male and female physically
fighting in the area of the Gammage building.

Officers Brady, Park, Anderson, Cpl. Hunter, Sgt. Manning responded to the area. Subjects were located and F/I’d.
Refer to DR # 14-0859.

Information Only

WARRANT ARREST: On 08/27/14 at 16:01 hours, staff at the
University Union called to report an intoxicated subject asking
students for money.

Officer Anderson dispatched. Sgt.
Mihalik assisted. The subject was
arrested and booked into CCSO Jail for
a warrant and trespassing (the subject
had been previously warned of trespass
campus wide). Refer to DR# 14-0860.

16:33 DISTURBING THE PEACE: On 08/27/14 at 16:33 hours, staff at
the Drury Inn called to report that a subject was in the lobby yelling profanities and left abruptly.
Cpl. Tritschler and Officer Park
dispatched. The subject was gone on
arrival. The surrounding area was
checked with negative contact. After
further conversation with staff, the subject was yelling and upset with his
computer; no further action needed.
Information Only
17:18 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 08/27/14 at 17:18 hours, a student
called to report that his vehicle had been damaged in the San Francisco Parking Garage.
Officer Park dispatched. Unfounded.
The student advised Officer Park that an
acquaintance told him that all the doors
were open to the vehicle, but nothing
was missing. No report taken.

Information Only


DRUG OFFENSE: On 08/27/14 at 22:16 hours, hall staff at
Sechrist Hall called to report the odor of marijuana coming from
a room.

Officer Cooper dispatched. Sgt.
Sorenson assisted. Unfounded.



SEXUAL ASSAULT: On 08/27/14 at 23:31, a RA at Tinsley Hall called to report one of her residents was sexually assaulted.

Officer Cooper was dispatched and Officer Watson assisted. Informational
only. Subject was given an injunction
for denial of access for all of Tinsley
Hall. No sex crime and no trespass were
committed. Reference DR # 14-0864




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