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january 28, 2015


BICYCLE THEFT: On 1/28/15 at 09:31, a student e-mailed this
department regarding their bicycle being stolen from McConnell
Hall between 19:00 on 01-19-2015 and 08:00 on 01-20-2015.
Description: 2007 olive green Iron Horse Maverick.

PA Lewis was dispatched and attempted
to contact subject.

Information Only
13:03 DRUG OFFENSE: On 1/28/15 at 13:03, Sgt. Sorenson reported
being out with a subject in possession of marijuana at Knoles and
Reference DR # N15-00097. Deferred to
residence life.
Deferred to Residence Life
13:49 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 1/28/15 at 13:49, NAU electrical
staff called to report cut wires on a pole near Gabaldon Hall
which occurred between 14:00 on 01/27/2015 and 13:49 on
Officer Brady was dispatched.
Reference DR# N15-00098.
Closed/leads exhausted.
Closed Leads Exhausted
15:04 FOUND DRUGS: On 01/28/15 at 15:04 hours, an employee
came into the NAUPD to turn in drug paraphernalia that was
found at the High Country Conference Center Parking Garage.
Officer Anderson was dispatched and collected found items. Refer to DR#
Information Only
18:13 DRUG OFFENSE: On 01/28/15 at 18:13 hours, an individual
came into the NAUPD to discuss a possible ongoing drug
violation at The Suites.
Cpl. Hunter was dispatched and assisted.
Information provided.
Information Only

DRUG OFFENSE: On 01/28/15 at 19:48 hours, an employee
from Tinsley Hall reported a marijuana odor in one of the rooms.

Cpl. Hunter was dispatched and Sgt.
Manning assisted. One subject was
issued a citation and released for
possession of marijuana and drug
paraphernalia and possession of alcohol.
Refer to DR# N15-00101.

Cite and Release

DRUG OFFENSE: On 01/28/15 at 20:57 hours, an employee
from Cowden Hall reported a marijuana odor coming from one of
the rooms.

Cpl. Hunter was dispatched. Odor was
gone upon arrival.

Information Only
23:15 DRUG OFFENSE: On 01/28/15 at 23:15, an RA at Pine Ridge
Village called to report the odor of marijuana coming from a room.

Officer Park was dispatched and Sgt.
Tritschler assisted. Unfounded. No odor
detected. Roommate agreement issue will be handled by Res Life.


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