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august 28, 2014


FRAUD: On 08/28/14 at 16:28, a resident of McConnell Hall
reported that she had received scam e-mails through her NAU

Officer Greenwald was dispatched.
There was no financial loss to the
resident and information was received.
Refer to DR#14-0865.

Information Only
20:11 NON-INJURY, HIT AND RUN ACCIDENT: On 08/28/14 at
20:11, the passenger in a vehicle reported that their vehicle had
been hit by another vehicle at the Pine Knoll and McConnell
intersection. The second vehicle left the area.
Officer Watson was dispatched. The second vehicle could not be located.
Refer to DR#14-0866.
Information Only
21:36 DRUG OFFENSE: On 08/28/14 at 21:36, hall staff from Sechrist
Hall reported the odor of marijuana coming from a residence.
Officer Watson was dispatched. Officer
Hinte assisted. Unfounded.
22:01 MEDICAL TRANSPORT/ALCOHOL OFFENSE: On 08/28/14 at 22:01, hall staff from Sechrist Hall reported a resident was intoxicated and going in and out of consciousness. Officer Hinte, Flagstaff Fire
Department, and Guardian Medical
Transport were dispatched. Officer
Watson assisted. The subject was
transported by Guardian Medical
Transport to FMC and will be criminally
deferred for underage consumption.
Refer to DR#14-0868.
Criminally Deferred
22:27 DRUG OFFENSE: On 08/28/14 at 22:27, USAs reported subjects smoking marijuana South of Lot 36. Officer Hinte was dispatched. Officer
Watson assisted. Unfounded.
23:02 DRUG OFFENSE: On 08/28/14 at 23:02, USA’s reported the
odor of marijuana along the urban trail near Gabaldon Hall.
Officer Cooper was dispatched. Officer
Watson and Officer Hinte assisted. One
subject was criminally deferred for
paraphernalia. Refer to DR # 14-0869.
Criminally Deferred

DISTRUBING THE PEACE: On 08/28/14 at 23:44, a resident
from Allen Hall called to report a group of males being loud and
their dogs barking.

Officer Cooper was dispatched. Officer Hinte and Officer Watson assisted.
Multiple subjects were in the area and FI’d. The dogs were not barking upon
arrival. Subjects were told to quiet down and complied.

Information Only






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