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august 29, 2014


DRUG OFFENSE: On 08/29/14 at 00:51, a RA at Reilly Hall
called to report a group of 8 subjects possibly smoking marijuana
and drinking alcohol in the parking lot.

Officer Hinte was dispatched and
Officer Watson assisted. Subjects were
drinking lemon-lime soda and smoking
cigarettes. Unfounded.

11:42 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 08/29/14 at 11:42, Subject reported
late criminal damage to their vehicle at Lot 50. Occurred between
08/24/14 at 19:40 and 08/29/14 at 07:20.
Officer Bense dispatched. Refer to DR
14-0872 closed leads exhausted.
Closed Leads Exhausted

LATE THEFT: On 08/29/14 at 12:13, subject called to report
their license plate stolen. Occurred between 08/28/14 at 15:00
and 08/29/14 at 10:05.

Sgt. Manning was dispatched. Refer to
DR 14-0874 closed leads exhausted.

Closed Leads Exhausted
13:32 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 08/29/14 at 13:32, staff with Parking
Services called to report damage to flooring sealant at the San
Francisco parking garage from a vehicle spinning its tires.
Occurred on 08/29/14 at approximately 13:15.
Officer Anderson dispatched. Refer to
DR #14-0875. Open/pending further
Open Pending Further Investigation
15:32 AUTO BURGLARY: On 08/29/14 at 15:32, a student reported
that their toolbox had been stolen out of their truck from a
parking lot near Gabaldon Hall unknown when it occurred.

Officer Greenwald was dispatched.
Closed/Leads exhausted. Refer to DR

Closed Leads Exhausted
18:04 THEFT: On 08/29/14 at 18:04, a staff member reported that
banners had been stolen from the Lumberjack Stadium. The theft
occurred between 08/28/14 at 18:00 and 08/29/14 at 18:00.
Officer Greenwald was dispatched.
Closed/Leads Exhausted. Refer to DR
Closed Leads Exhausted
23:43 DISTURBING THE PEACE: On 08/29/14 at 23:43, a RA at Pine
Ridge Village called to request assistance to break up a large and
loud party of approximately 20 subjects.
Officer Cooper was dispatched. Officer Hinte and Officer Watson assisted.
Three subjects were deferred for minor
in consumption (MIC). Reference DR #

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