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november 4, 2014

14:04 THEFT: On 11/4/14 at 14:04, a subject called to report losing his
wallet at the College of Business. The wallet was returned to him and money was stolen out of the wallet.
Officer Park was dispatched. The subject did not want to file a report
because it is unknown who turned the wallet in.
Information Only
15:25 DRUG OFFENSE: On 11/04/14 at 15:25, a subject at Sechrist
Hall reported the odor of marijuana from a room.
Officer Park dispatched. One subject
was booked into Coconino County
Detention for possession of marijuana
and drug paraphernalia. Refer to DR14-
17:46 HARASSMENT: On 11/04/14 at 17:46, a subject called in to
report a vehicle following them at Hilltop Townhomes.
Sgt. Mihalik dispatched. Refer to
DR#14-1269. Unfounded.
18:30 DRUG OFFENSE: On 11/04/14 at 18:30, a subject called in to report the odor of marijuana on an NAU Shuttle Bus. Cpl. Tritschler and Officer Bense
dispatched. The subject responsible for
the odor could not be identified.
20:31 DRUG OFFENSE: On 11/04/14 at 20:31, a subject called in to report a room at McConnell Hall with the odor of marijuana. Cpl. Tritschler dispatched. The location
given was not the source of the odor,
unable to locate specific source of odor.
21:05 BURGLARY: On 11/04/14 at 21:05, Cpl. Tritschler reported a subject
contacting him at McConnell Hall regarding the theft of property.
Occurring at an unknown time.
Refer to DR#14-1270. Closed Leads Exhausted
21:42 THREATS/INTIMIDATION: On 11/04/14 at 21:42, a subject at
Wilson Hall called in to report threatening messages on their
dorm room door that occurred between 10/30/14 at 0900 and
11/04/14 at 1200 hrs.
Sgt. Mihalik dispatched. Refer to
DR#14-1271. Open and pending.
Open Pending Further Investigation
22:27 DRUG OFFENSE: On 11/04/14 at 22:27, Sgt. Mihalik reported a
subject with the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia
at Wilson Hall.
Refer to DR#14-1272. The subject was
deferred to student life.
Deferred to Student Life






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